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Preschool (3-5 years)

Our Preschool program is designed to create an educating, nurturing, comfortable, and safe environment where your child is encouraged to learn, interact, socialize, play, and explore using all of their senses to finally prepare your child for their first school years.

Care & Fun believes that each child grows, develops, and learns differently that’s why we follow an Emergent curriculum that encourages the kids to do more of what they like but also encourage them to always try new exciting activities all the time.

Care & Fun’s Preschool program is designed to keep your child always engaged and motivated to learn and try new things while having tons of fun, our teachers provide numerous interesting new experiences each and every day. We believe that your child’s preschool years are very important for their development and therefore it is essential that we provide stimulating activities that encourage optimal development and growth and prepare them for their upcoming school years.

Some few examples of such activities:

·         Creative art

·         Tracing letters and numbers

·         Group play that encourage socializing and being a part of a group

·         Music classes with your child being a part of the activity using instruments and playing along

·         Building complex structures with assorted materials

·         Reading longer more detailed stories

·         Field Trips

         Light Fitness exercises

·         Writing letters and words

·         Fun science experiments

·         Event crafts (Pumpkin shaped crafts for Halloween, Turkey shaped crafts for Thanksgiving, etc...)

·         Pre-math skills

As per general Care & Fun Child Care Centre practise, daily written and verbal communication keeps you informed about every part of your child’s day. Our goal is to make you proud to have your kid be a part of the Care & Fun family.

We are open from 7:00 AM till 5:30 PM


We follow the Nova Scotia daycare Act and Regulations

3-5 years

Arrival and greeting 7:00 AM

Free time

Clean up and snack  9:00 AM

Oral Hygiene and wash up

Circle time (including calendar, songs, finger plays, story time etc.)

Outdoor play (weather permitting) or other indoor muscle activity

Hand wash

Clean up


12:00 AM



Outdoor play (weather permitting) or other indoor muscle activity

Clean up and snack  3:15 PM

Arts / Crafts / Music and other learning activities

Free Play

Pick up time 5:30 PM