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Passionate Professionals in early childhood education who provide an age-appropriate and Educational Emergent curriculum for your children.


Our staff members are educated (Bachelor of Education and/or E.C.E.), dedicated, knowledgeable and caring individuals with extensive agency training, First Aid training, and police reference checks.

Director: Hoda Ibrahim ECE Level 3

Infant Program

Teresita Buenaventura ECE Level 3

Kristy Harding ECE Level 2

Toddlers Program

Meghan Wilma ECE Level 2

Jian Fang Sheng ECE Level 1

Ashley Melvin ECE Level 1

Ines Jawad Entry Level

Basma Elhefnawi Floater Entry Level

Preschool Program

Adelia Arsenault ECE Level 2

Buthayna Darweech Entry Level

School Age Program

Special Needs Coordinator

Sara Romain ECE Level 3