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At Care and Fun child care Centre we believe children are naturally curious and learn best when they are provided the opportunity to explore their world at their own pace.

Through an Emergent curriculum we will provide the environment and materials to spark the interest of children in a variety of topics and will allow them to explore those topics in a variety of ways.  Our Early Childhood Educators, through observation, will determine the interests of the children and provide the materials to enhance that interest and challenge the children to “dig deeper” and “discover more”.

 So by applying the emergent Curriculum with indoor area we will achieve the following:

1.Learning through play using the daily circle that creates the thinking methodology and the team communication between the children.
2.Using the dramatic play tools to grow their imagination.
3.Using songs and music time to develop their communication and presentation skills.
4.Using the Outdoor time and equipments will help developing the sharing attitude and communication.

Through this exploration we will ensure opportunities for growth in all developmental areas.